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ineverycrowd: I was at the New Orleans show too! Did you see girl with the blue light up CP poster? That was me!

No I didn’t actually! I was in the first row in the elevated area, so all I really saw were the people on the floor :)

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good morning, kansas city

@christinaperri: i love her


out with the old + in with the new! new merch up on my website + some great sale finds too ;)

christinaperriscloset: Did you get to meet her? I bet the show was amazing!!

No, I didn’t this time! But yeah, she was much more energetic this time, moving around the stage. I’m sure it’s because she didn’t play the guitar, she was able to do more things and stuff. It was really good!

Christina Perri chats with Sonic


thank you orlando!! you made me feel like i could fly! #demiworldtour